Are you ready to understand your feminine body and feel like you're thriving?

(Without the CRAZY rules, restriction, OR OVERWHELM)


Like you've been running on fumes for months (or even years)?

Overwhelmed trying to sift through the avalanche of health and wellness content and don’t know where to start or what to believe?

Like you're done being at war with your own body?

Tired of getting thrown birth control as your “only option” to better hormones?

Sick of dreading your monthly cycle + getting on and off the dieting rollercoaster?

Like you've been running on fumes for months (or even years)?

Are you ready to start a new chapter and live in your femininity?

Imagine if you could...

Say “yes” to dinner invites again because you know exactly how to nourish yourself, no matter where you are.

Love your daily habits and live a life you're proud of

Have a peaceful relationship with food, your body, and your mind.

Make a plan and stick to it.

Feel confident and capable when it comes to taking care of your health.

Prove to yourself day after day that you are the kind of woman who is consistent in choosing the good.

Understand your body so well that you’re able to advocate for yourself in the doctor's office

Have better periods, more energy, better digestion, stronger mindset.

welcome to


Payment plans starting at 450/month

i'm ready

the 3 month program for the woman ready to become an expert in her own body

Understand your hormones, embrace your feminine rhythms, and learn how to eat, move, and live like a lady.


Made Good is a high-touch group program that helps you understand feminine wellness from a Catholic + holistic lens. It includes 1:1 support and functional testing so you can have the clarity to make small changes and see big results. Most importantly, you can have a realistic, practical, lovely perspective of health and wellness that translates into your real life and acts as a jumpstart into living well every day.

Understanding God’s design

You can’t love what you don’t know - so let’s get you a first understanding of the what and how your body is designed to function. Get the basics, understand the principles, and then take action!

Learn to read your body’s unique signs and symptoms to be able to respond and address what your body is asking for. This comes in the form of different assessments, practices, and building the skill again of listening to your body - remember, symptoms are it’s only way of communicating with you!

Tuning in



Once you have the knowledge and the skills, it’s time to build and bring it to life. Here, it’s all about baby steps - simple changes, daily rhythms, your morning and evening routine, all to get you closer to becoming the kind of woman who lives order and follows through. Grace builds on nature - the way you live your day shapes the course of your life!

The Made Good Method

a look inside what you'll receive:

Personalized support, functional testing, and the education you've been craving to be able to get back in the driver's seat of your own health

Program includes: 

✔ weekly live coaching calls
✔ Private one-on-one
✔ Personalized support
✔ htma testing + personalized protocol
✔ tools for Lifelong habit formation

Learn the foundations for balanced Hormones

what you get inside of made good:

On-demand modules on the foundations of wellness, how to track your cycle, and workshops to help you get your energy and gut on track. It's about creating habits that last.

Weekly LIVE coaching calls 

Individual support within a community of like-minded women. Get help as you move through the modules, apply your new habits, and share the journey (hello, external processors!)

NAQ + HTMA testing + personalized protocol

Functional testing and assessments that pull back the curtain on what's really going on in your body. Get clarity on exactly what nutrients you need + a roadmap to get you there.

1:1 strategy call

Every woman deserves time to be known and seen - let’s dive in to your goals, assessments, and “why” for being here and create a personalized plan to help you get the most out of the program. 

Workbook + materials

You've got mail! Mind/body connection = write things down on paper, get your hands on the tools, and have a reference for the rest of your life!



Payment Plan

One payment of $2000
(save 10%)

5 Monthly Payments of $450

What time are the weekly calls?

Orientation week is at a fixed date/time determined after doors close. Upon registering, you’ll get to vote on the best day and time that works for you. You will then be placed in a pod of 14 women (max) so you can get that cozy living room feel and have individualized support every single week. Calls are recorded and available to you.


What is the HTMA?

HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) is a functional test that gives an inside look into your body’s mineral status. This helps uncover how your body is exhibiting stress and which unique minerals/nutrients to prioritize. The best part? You can have clarity with a plan that is tailor-made for you (bye bye overwhelm!)

I track my period on an app - isn't that the same thing as tracking my cycle?

Not quite. Your period is a part of your cycle, not the whole thing. You’ve got multiple phases and a whooole lotta hormone changes happening from the start of one period to the first day of the next one. And by the end of this program, you’ll be an absolute pro in understanding all of it.

What are the foundations covered in the modules?

Think of it like building a house - there's basic needs that become the stable base. From there, you can build up a strong body and balanced hormones. Whole body approach comin in hot:
✔ Circadian rhythm, Sleep, Sunlight
✔ Digestion
✔ Minerals + Hydration
✔ Blood Sugar Regulation
✔ Restorative Movement
✔ Nervous System + Belief
✔ Your Monthly Cycle

What's the time commitment?

Weekly calls are an hour + the modules take 30-60 minutes per week.

What is the NAQ?

Nutritional Assessment Questionaire is a 300 question survey of possible symptoms. This gives a snapshot of what you’re experiencing, what system in the body needs the most attention, and gives you direction on what to prioritize first. This means that as you go through the foundation modules, you can know exactly what your body is asking for and create your daily routines accordingly! The NAQ also let’s me as your practitioner understand your story better and more effectively help you feel your best. 

I have a history of restriction + struggle with body image - will this program work for me?

You are not alone - I know that path well. You won't ever get a meal plan or diet within Made Good, what you will get is tools to restore peace in your relationship with food and understand how to nourish yourself well.