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Welcome to the only podcast out there where we talk all things feminine wellness from a
holistic, Christ-centered lens. 

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Featuring: Dr. Gerry Crete

why i don't recommend whole30 as a nutritionist

-Kennedy b.

Every single woman NEEDS to listen to this podcast!!! Flo cuts through all the noise of diet culture to offer a simpler approach to living well & THRIVING. This podcast is a breathe of fresh air in a health space. Her perspective on feminine health is LIFE CHANGING!!

- jane d.

Such a great podcast that has started to help me reframe how I treat my body and approach food!

- molly c.

One of my favorite podcasts! To have this podcast after the course is an extra gift with such incredible free information from Flo. Her love and desire for each women to believe that they are made good is REAL!

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I’m here to help women put the habits in place to spend less time googling in frustration and more time enjoying life. Because let me tell you, life without constant "what's wrong with me??" makes you feel so good.

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