To the woman who’s ready to understand and restore her feminine body: this one’s for you.


functional nutrition for women

Real talk?
Restoring your health doesn’t come just from eating cleaner and working out more. 

Take everything you think you know about holistic wellness and toss it out the door. We’re talking endless supplements, cutting out entire food groups, and completely ignoring your cycle. Because the biggest lie in the health industry right now is that you need to follow the perfect (strict) protocol to see any kind of results. Let’s get something straight: you should be able to improve your health and live your real life at the same time.

This is the program that will jumpstart your health + relationship with food for the whole year (and beyond).

 You're in the right place.


Get your questions answered and consistent support so you can make real change that lasts

So you can finally say “ohhh that’s what’s going on in there” and truly understand your body

Because you need a clear gameplan connecting your symptoms to your goals

Live Coaching


Functional Testing

our bread and butter

You’re a Catholic gal ready to restore her relationship with food + improve her energy, gut, and hormones in the process. This high-touch program gives you the clarity you need to finally feel free. Let’s dive in together.

Because when you’re struggling with your body, you’re going to need a personalized roadmap. I’m here to make it easy. 

The Made Good Method

We’re here to help you find true freedom. 

Let go of the guilt and rules and enjoy food again

Spend less time googling “is this normal” and more time living

finally feel the confidence that comes from keeping promises to yourself

Feel empowered because you understand how your hormones work

Say goodbye to the bloat, PMS, and snooze button and be able to live your life (every day of the month!)

Are you ready to

With your newfound understanding of the feminine body, you can continue to create lifestyle habits and an exercise routine that makes movement joyful again. The way you eat, move, and live can impact entire generations, so let’s take a look at what preconception preparation looks like from a holistic lens.
  • 12 Weeks of Group Coaching Access with Florencia
  • HTMA Testing and Personalized Protocol
  • Workbook, resources, and modules to understand and implement the foundations of wellness
  • Monthly 1:1 chart review with our FEMM instructor, Myla
  • BONUS: Group Chat Access
  • BONUS: Family Planning Workshop

*The next program runs august 19th - November 8th*

Let’s make food one of the most simple (and least overwhelming) parts of your day. You’ll learn how to balance your blood sugar and how to reduce bloating and post-meal discomfort. Find freedom through an add rather than restrict mindset so you can eat in a way that is sustainable and guilt free. Say good-bye to yo-yo dieting for good!

With the results of your functional test (the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), you'll leave with a personalized protocol and know exactly what foods and supplements your body needs to feel its best. This will also connect the dots between which nutrients are depleted and your current symptoms - aka the most validating part of the program where you get confirmation that you’re not crazy and there was a reason why your gut, energy, and hormones have been feeling off. 

You’ll learn the 2 rhythms that run the show in the feminine body: your cycle and circadian rhythm. You’ll understand how to track your cycle, build a morning and evening routine that balance your hormones, and the daily habits to support your fertility. 

You'll dive into your specific goals for this program, symptoms, and health history. You’ll have a tailored Made Good Roadmap based on what your body is telling us so you know exactly what to do foundations will bring the greatest relief to your symptoms and fast track your transformation. 

This is where you’ll start to add in strategic, evidence-based habits and begin to see a change in your energy, confidence in understanding your body, and improvements in your gut health. 

Phase 2: NOURISH - intentional eating

Phase 1: REDISCOVER - Your Daily and Monthly Rhythms

Phase 3: SUSTAIN - Habits That Last 


Our Process

I truly was desperate. Now I am the kind of woman that has truly become confident in my body and in the way I am taking care of it!

I am so so so grateful for Made Good and I'm so proud of the real life changes I've made in these 3 months. 

The information I have now is quite possibly family-tree-changing knowledge! 

- maryrose

- Lauren

- becca 

I had tried other programs in the past and honestly my symptoms had gotten worse. I truly was desperate and wanted to know the root cause of my gut issues, not having energy and just desiring more in my life. I truly struggled with body image and finding my worth in the scale or how I appeared. I measured and compared my body to others and only the scale instead of seeing the gift it is. Now I've seen massive change in thyroid health, have confidence in my body, sleep better, no longer have all or nothing mindset, and massive amounts of STABLE energy. It feels amazing but also kinda crazy because this way of life is now more intrinsic to me that I forget where I was 3 months ago!!!!

What's maybe even more exciting is that I know I still have more to learn and change! During this time, I have started to majorly shift my mindset when it comes to my relationship with my body. I used to feel separate from it, like my body was against me. Now, I am seeing my body as a part of me that needs to be nourished, listened to, and taken care of. We are on the same team! I've realized that taking care of myself means taking care of my family even before I'm pregnant - taking care of myself is actually a part of my vocation, not just as a wife and hopeful future mother, but as a daughter of a Creator who designed us so intricately well.

The ultimate win - even though it has been a struggle at times to stick to new habits, I know that I can improve and grow. I knew very little of the things we've learned when I first started and was skeptical. I thought all I needed to get figured out was gut health. Made Good has blown my mind weekly/daily, leading me to do more research and learn all kinds of stuff that will aid in my health now but especially for future family life (epigenetics, anyone?). I want to be the kind of woman that can be a resource for others, especially future children and grandchildren. And this will also help me do that! Yay!!!

don't take my word for it. here's what our grads say:

You're one step away from the answers you've been looking for and the freedom you've been dreaming of.

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